Grillz are a fun way to express creativity and being hip in 2019. You can find superstars sporting their diamond grillz costing a $100,000 to a high school suburban kid getting a white gold four pack grillz with a free design for $200. the fun thing about grillz is the ability to customize your golds to fit your personality. the different ways you can make your personal statement and flex with the style gold grill you choose.

Lets examine the different types of grillz people get to express themselves. the most commonly purchased grill is a 6 pack. 6 pack means that it covers your 6 front teeth from fang to fang with some type of free design. the most common free design is diamond cut. diamond cuts look like diamonds with out spending the pretty penny it takes to to get actual stones. diamond cuts glisten when the lights hit them but the do not change colors in light like diamonds do. diamond cut grillz can come in a variety of patterns. we do 1/2 diamond cuts, diamond cut tips, diamond cuts around the edge of the caps, full diamond cuts and openface diamond cuts.

solids and open face grillz are the 2 most common styles that don’t have any extra design on them. solids are simply solid gold plain caps and open faces are gold caps that have the middle cut out and which shows the tooth which is trimmed in gold around the edge. Free designs come with many options and Gold 4 ya mouth has several different ways for their customers to choose. people can check out our different example posters, check out all our social media such as snap chat, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and you tube. when someone has a question about any design pricing they can always call 9376034494 and get a live person on the phone and we’ll answer any questions . we also accept inbox and direct messages on all social media platforms.

Our favorite style of grill to create are our flooded diamond grillz. the flloded diamond grillz are golds that are covered with diamonds to the point that’s all you can see. there are a few different styles to accomplish this goal . pave, invisible set, clusters and honeycomb setting. these different styles cost different amounts but all of them are more expensive than a free design and all of them have a lot of diamonds that look very major.