Gold Teeth Gold Grillz are what we do everyday all day. We started doing grillz in the spring of 1999 on W.3rd st. in Dayton,Ohio. When we first started

Gold 4 ya Mouth it was a business I added to supplement the income from a cell phone store we had called Dash Communications.

The first Gold Teeth Gold Grillz I did was mine. It was an 18k four pack with some type of diamond cut design. It was fishy (nice) especially for that period of time because everyone only had 1 or 2 golds in our city. Me having four was damn near me having a mouth full of gold. I started going to a lot of clubs promoting that we did Gold Teeth Gold Grillz. Using myself as the model for our business i took pictures and put myself on 1000’s of flyers and business cards passing them out to the right demographics.

I made commercials and put them on Time Warner Cable, I targeted B.E.T and MTV networks because i knew they had the young audiences … Our commercials were mostly funny. I don’t think i did one commercial actually describing our products and services. It was always something goofy, cool, fun,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9syDh_1vEeg 


The commercials kept rolling and the ideas kept coming so much that we actually started shooting movies… which was all in the promotion of our store. Gold4yaMouth became an icon in Dayton because of the type of business it was and for the amount of media we produced in promotion of everything we did.

We have done 100’s of thousands of caps of all sorts. When we first started we only did 18k to make sure we we’re producing quality golds that would strengthen our reputation for doing Gold Teeth Gold Grillz that lasted for years and always kept their shine. 20 years later the people that we did Grillz for back then still have them.

What We Like To Do
Doing the golds for 20 years, the question becomes what do you like about doing those teeth? and the answer is making outstanding diamond designs. diamond designs vary from having one diamond in each cap to having one tooth full of diamonds, having 6 teeth that’s all diamonds, or six teeth that have two diamonds in each. There all kind of different beautiful diamond designs. You have colored stone diamonds grillz, you have princess cut invisible set diamond grillz. Then you can take it to the next level by having each stone hand set in the grill. Baguette strip grillz that are on the tip of the teeth. Bauguette strip grillz that are diagonally set through the middle of the teeth like slashes. Round diamond Grillz which are the most popular diamond Grillz where the diamonds are set across the tip of the teeth. Round diamond grillz where we make them into clusters with one big centerpiece stone and small diamonds surrounding it in clusters. Two teeth like that and the other two teeth open face.

Making the grillz is one thing but the true excitement happens when you give a customer their grill. it’s not a come in the store pick out a grill and you walk out with it. The grillz has to be picked out once the grill is picked out it has to be made and there it takes a few days for the customer to get the grillz. it is probably one of the happiest days of their life because it’s something they have anticipated. they’ve waited sometimes a week sometimes a week and a half sometimes three days but however long they waited they have had to wait and when they finally gets there Grillz, they put in their mouth when they start smiling,  getting a Snap chat, getting on Instagram and going live with their new grillz it is really exciting, it feels good to see somebody get something that they truly want.

How to get Gold Teeth Gold Grillz

There are two ways that you can get your grill done from us. the first way is visit our retail location located at 4405 North Main St. in Dayton Ohio. you come in, we make a model of your teeth send it to our dental lab our jewelers come together put together a grill of your choice: a free design or diamond design.  we call you when it’s ready it normally takes about 3 to 5 business days for you to get your grill back. If you’re getting an expensive diamond grill that’s flooded or a grilled it has a lot of diamonds in it even though it may not be flooded it can take up to a week maybe 10 days to get back. We make sure all your diamond work is flawless. All of your diamonds are set in and secured that they will not come out once you start wearing it. we perform a diamond test on all of our grills for clarity and security so it’s extreme quality control situation.

Mold Kits

The next way to get a grill done is to order it online https://gold4yamouth.com/shop/ there are two ways that you can order on line one is for you to send us a mold that you go to a local dentist. you send us your mold, tell us the design and we create it and send it back to you via FedEx. The other way to get a grill done online is to order a mold kit. https://gold4yamouth.com/product/mold-kit/  when you get the kit we encourage you to get on FaceTime or video chat where we walk you step-by-step through the molding process. how much water to use, how to stir up the water inside your mixing bowl, how to put the mold powder in the tray, how to push it up onto your teeth how long to hold it inside your mouth. how to take the tray out of your mouth. How to mix the dental stone, how to fill it into the tray, how to tap the tray and get rid of all air bubbles, after you get rid of the air bubbles and you have the dental stone filled up into the tray how long to let it sit before you remove the molding out of the tray.  we give you all these Face Time instructions to ensure that you are taking a good mold that we will be able to use. We take a look at them, when they look good you send them back to us. We create your design and send it back to you.

Our company wants to be the type of business who treats all of our clients like family. we show love and give deals to help our customers get grillz the want.