Full Gold Catalog

We have the world’s best gold grillz catalog. hundreds of designs to choose from. our catalog has designs from 1 cap to 10 cap grillz. every grill or cap is made with beautiful craftsmanship and detailed by world class artist that make each custom design perfect. there are many different types of diamond cut designs to choose from. we offer diamond cut patterns as a free design option.

our gold grillz come in 10k, 14k, 18k 22k. customers also have the option of selecting between white gold, rose gold or traditional gold. the most inexpensive option is 10k. the higher the karat the higher the gold percentage.

gold grillz are fun to wear and going through our gold grillz catalog can be take a while so to give you a little help in finding something in your price range. golds with no diamonds start at $300 for 6 golds. that’s a discounted price from $450. a 6 pack gold grill is the most commonly purchased item. 6 teeth is from fang to fang. it covers the whole front of your mouth so your golds are noticeable. over the years,  gold teeth  have went through some serious transformations. our catalog will show you styles you never thought existed. so it’s gotten to the point where even if you get six golds, we can create a design where it’s not a whole lot of gold showing. deigns like Bars, Tips, Strips, Open faces, open wall designs are styles that lets someone get golds but in the gold grill word they would be considered conservative.

On the other end of the spectrum are our diamond grillz. diamond grillz are for people who want the world to know they love to shine. we have round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, baguette, marquise, trillion cut stones and more. these stones can be set in almost any pattern you can imagine. at the top of the food chain are our invisible handset princess cut diamond grillz. you can always spice it up but getting vvs diamonds. these options can always take grillz higher and higher. we have a catalog to show you what we can do. but the options for golds are only limited to what you can imagine. check out some of our diamond grillz in our catalog https://gold4yamouth.com/gallery/

we also have thousands of customers on our facebook  https://www.facebook.com/gold4yamouth/media_set?set=a.1145960575915.2022393.1434565018&type=3