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Gold Grillz in so many styles, everyday people shining hard af.

Gold Grillz gone wild

Gold 4 Ya Mouth Tax Time Deals

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Gold Teeth Kings

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Gold Grillz Perm Cut

2019 Gold Grillz that look permanent but they are removable. these special gold grillz are called permanent cut. Our jeweler team separates the front of the golds but leaves them connected in the back. These sets are available in all karats and colors…

Gold Grillz are for everyone

Have you ever wondered what people with gold grillz do on a daily basis or what type of people they are? We came up with Gold Grillz 4 life to answer  all of your questions.

What do people with gold grillz do is a funny question because different type of people come to us to get Grillz and do all different type of things with 1,000 different types of personality’s. I would say the common denominator is that they all love to smile.

Here’s a list of what type of people I’ve done golds for

  • High school students
  • Athletes
  • Rap Artists
  • Hustlers
  • Preachers
  • Undercover cops
  • Working men
  • Working women
  • Wedding parties
  • Couples
  • Black people
  • White people
  • Hispanics
  • Men
  • Women
  • Aliens- LOL not officially but some of the people I’ve dealt with have been so high off weed that they were more then likely on another planet while they were getting molded.
  • Here is an example of some of our customers so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.
  • https://gold4yamouth.com/category/uncategorized/

Gold Grillz are so much fun. I really do think everyone should get one just to have a little flashy fun. In my mind, they should be just as common as necklaces and rings. I do agree that everyone doesn’t need a full set, but at least one or two open face crowns to start would be perfect for anyone to rock.

Now let’s talk about some of the people that actually get Golds.


High school students who come and get golds are normally brought in by their parents whom they have probably begged for six months to a year to get them a grill. When they do get their grill, it’s like the best Christmas gift that they could ever get and their parents get the joy of seeing them smile. everybody that gets gold has to smile in order to show off the gold grillz they got and it’s always fun to see kids happy.


I actually love when athletes come and get golds because they are who you’re striving to sells a grill to. athletes with that big check that might come in and get a real expensive grill, but most athletes don’t go that far with it. they are professionals and so a lot of times they get high quality golds such as open face or solids in 22k or something like that. So far they haven’t got a whole lot of diamonds but I’m still waiting for that star to come here who just signed a $10,000,000 contract And spends 3 million of it with me on a gold grillz with diamonds. LOL. I love my football players though. you get the defensive backs and the wide receivers who come in more than other positions, and get a lot of gold grillz and it’s high school players mostly., college players, and then occasionally you’ll get NFL player to come through, but I have done grills for a baseball player as well. athletes you always get a thumbs up from Gold4YaMouth to come and get you a grill and of course we will always treat you like the superstar you are when you come here.


Let’s talk about everybody’s favorite people who gets gold grillz and of course that would be  musicians but more specifically we are talking about rappers. rappers are a dream come true for anybody who is selling gold teeth because it goes hand-in-hand with the hip-hop culture. Not only do artist come in and buy gold grillz frequently, they also promote your business after they do. they show off the grill that they got and they love telling people how much they cost, because the more it cost the better.  We encourage all artists to get in this competition of who came to buy the most expensive diamond  grill. Rappers often want to get high diamond clarity so they are interested in getting SI stones, VS stones VvS stones in all different types of pattern, styles in layouts. One popular design is Princess cut invisible set.  Invisible set grills come in different ways. you can get different color diamonds, you can get different layouts and of course you can get different amounts of teeth all covered with princess cut diamonds. the square diamonds are set back to back  so there is no gold Showing at all. Invisible set Diamond Grillz can be made two different ways: they have pre assembled stones all placed into a bracket then this bracket is took and soldered onto a grill and crafted into the shape of the teeth so it looks really nice and looks good. The more expensive way to get a princess cut diamond Grill is to have each diamond hand set in place and it makes the grill a lot thinner. Next you put VvS diamonds in it and you have a grill that could cost up to $150,000 if you’re getting top and bottom with each diamond chosen with high clarity.  I recently seen a video (which the link will be underneath) of Quavo a rapper from the Migos spent $250,000 on a Diamond Gold Grillz https://www.tmz.com/2018/12/15/quavo-custom-grill-quarter-million-dollars-bling/ baguette settings. the diamonds are kind of skinny tall diamonds all in a straight line together and all flawless clarity for it to cost $2500,000. it looks sweet as heck and that’s the game plan. You want to get an Artist to come in and get a grill. Make them the top dog in the world of Gold Grillz. another style that’s been really killing here lately are the honeycomb grillz. honeycomb grillz look just like the name suggest https://gold4yamouth.com/2019/01/diamonds-are-forever/

If you took time to click the link above you’ll see the pattern of a honeycomb grill. You normally get over 125 to 150 diamonds and a bottom grill and a top Grill you probably get close to 200 diamonds.Once you flood the top and bottom grill out with all those diamonds you get an absolute beautiful masterpiece of a grill. Everywhere you look, gold and diamonds are changing colors and each diamond reflects some different type of color when the light hits it all at the same time. it’s absolutely beautiful. honeycomb grills  got popular  late 2017, all of 2018 they were going to on the come up, rising to the occasion, and now here in 2019 they have hit full stride. When you want a masterpiece Diamond Grill ask for a honeycomb grill. It’s a little more affordable than the invisible set. it does the same thing when it comes to shining, changing colors and drawing and attracting that superstar attention that most rap artist are looking for.  we have done a lot of talking about rap artist who are superstars signed to major labels who have big time deals with labels that can afford to give their artist some type of budget where they can go out and get one of these diamond grills to help their overall Personas. there is also something to be said for local artist who haven’t made it big yet. they are trying to represent their talent and ability and be an artist and have their gold grillz too. so with that being said we have a special diamond deal for these artist who don’t have $100,000 to spend on a diamond grill yet they still want to flex a little bit. We came up with flood it for a band . A band is $1000 and we put together a 54 diamond Grill 6 caps pave setting. Nine diamonds in each tooth. we space them out so it does cover the whole surface of the grill. It looks beautiful and you have your diamond grill and you didn’t have to pay $100,000 in order to say that you do have diamonds in your teeth. we sell about 10 of them every day to people all over the country either on line or people who coming to the Shop. flooded for a band gold grillz are 10 karat gold. you can get them in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. G colored stones which is a good clarity and the diamonds are securely fastened in the grill we don’t ever have any trouble with diamonds coming out. The flood it for a band grillz have solved the problem of wanting a diamond Grill but not wanting to pay $3000 $5000 $100,000 and all of these other expensive amounts. it’s not limited to rappers whatsoever. people from all walks of life come and get diamond Grillz like this. you don’t have to be a rapper but in this rap music industry we do see a lot of rappers wanting diamond grillz because it’s very trendy. it kind of speaks to you getting money and that’s part of being a rapper. who can get the most money, who has the most beautiful woman, who has the most women and all of the things that go along with rap music that Rappers  put into their songs in order to flex. it’s always a flex contest so we have made it  affordable for rappers to get them a diamond Grill for a local artist.  artist don’t have to get diamond Grillz because there are plenty of well-known artist from Project pat to trick daddy to other famous rappers who have solid gold teeth or open face gold teeth. When you want a grill and you want something that’s going to be major but not with all the diamonds I would suggest getting an 18 karat to a 22 karat gold grill and that will give you the shine you’re looking for. it’s easy to keep clean and it will never go out of style.


Let’s talk about grills for women. The most commonly bought designed for women are open face gold grills. For a woman they looked feminine and they look good. The open face is the trim that goes around the tooth and it’s not a full solid. when women get bottom grillz they can get any style solids, open face, Diamond cut any type of grill on the bottom. it’s much more common for women to get open faces on their top teeth. they get open faces on their front two and then any of the side teeth they can get however they want. If they are trying to keep it girly but still want to grill they normally will get open faces on the front two teeth. Another common design for women would be just what we call a bar or a tip strip. That is when the gold just runs right along the tip of the teeth and there is no gold going around the gum line of the tooth or up the side. when women get tips they are very thin, very neat, sleek design. They can decorate this bar,  this tip or strip anyway they want to. Diamond Cuts, they can put diamonds in them or they can put gold cuts in them where you just get the markings of Diamond cut but no rhodium. You can get strips on two teeth and then leave the fangs solid.  decorating with diamond cuts, initials and engravings or some other cut out that women normally get like open face hearts. They’ll get a heart engraved in Diamond cuts we’ve done butterflies, we’ve done roses we’ve done hearts  we’ve done money signs we’ve done smiley faces, we’ve done crosses all of these different beautiful craftsmanship engravings and cut outs are available for anybody to get it but these are things that women can get. Bars, open faces and strips or something that women commonly get you also see women getting a lot of sharp fangs. Sharp fangs that are diamond cut or diamond cuts on the tip or three diamonds going in the shape of a fang  like a triangle. colored stones in the strips, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, light blue stones, red stones and purple stones are all different color stones that we use to decorate different gold grillz to make them beautiful and give a woman something to flex with when she’s getting ready to go out to the club and say hey I have an edge about myself. you can’t predict me. I’m beautiful, I look like a model yet I still have a grill. We’ve seen divas such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna, MarMar English from http://therealflyerqueen.com all sport grillz which is so amazing. It lets other women know hey it’s OK if I want a grill because these women who are so clearly sophisticated and professional And obviously major where gold grillz and if they can do it and have some fun then surely it’s OK for me to do it just to have some fun. https://www.bet.com/news/fashion-and-beauty/photos/2013/09/girls-with-grillz.html it’s not permanent it in your mouth. it is something that you want to pop in when you’re going out with your friends. If you and your girls come and get Grillz and go to the club or wear them to some type of engagement for an event for a concert. For something different that you don’t normally do, get your grillz made to wear it on special occasions. wear it as much is you want to, just like some earrings or necklace or any other jewelry because grillz are fun and they make you smile.


An undercover police officer came and got Golds. It happened to be a woman and she was doing an undercover sting operation for prostitution and she really got into her part.  she just got one or two caps. I thought that was so cool that she came and got golds for something like that. I also did golds for another Deputy.  he wasn’t doing anything under cover or anything, he just like Golds and he came and got some. this is just showing that people from all walks of life come through and get Gold Grillz..